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The Mission

Rook's Books Publishing, LLC endeavors to tell the stories of triumph seldom heard, and to motivate families and caregivers of all types.  Let's come together to ADVOCATE for one another, EDUCATE ourselves and others on various medical conditions, and CELEBRATE the milestones and successes of our community.  Learn more...

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Rook's Resources Inc. is tax exempt, under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3).  Donors can deduct contributions made to our non-profit under IRC Section 170.

Donate to help increase our services and impact in the community of Families and Children with special developmental needs.  We are just getting started! So, every little bit helps!

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Instagram LIVE Experience


On May 18, 2022, we sat down with veteran Adam Wood, author of 'Our Preemie Adventure' and founder of @Preemie_Adventures to open up about our NICU Journey, life as parents and caregivers, and creating Rook's Books Publishing, LLC.  Take a listen to hear how we hope to encourage and support other families through our own experiences.

Check out our Media Page to listen to the audio from the interview, that felt more like a conversation between two families of caregivers and NICU Warriors!


Buying in BULK?

Rooks Books is a collection of our children's favorite books, including those written and published by me, Shecara Squires Reives.  It all started with a 2020 Book Drive, during the height of COVID-19. We collected and delivered over 1,500 books to Riley Hospital in Indianapolis to support growing families.  During this drive, we noticed the lack of children's books that shared the joys of unique stories like our son Carmine's.  In 2021, I decided to tell that story, in memory of his twin brother Rook William.  And with that, Rooks Books Publishing, LLC was born.  With each book sold, a portion of the profits will go towards annual donations to NICU departments at hospitals.


You can subscribe for e-mail communications on new publications and events.  Please also consider purchasing a book for yourself or a loved one.  


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Our Story

Rook's Reviews

"Congratulations!! I hope the families and the NICU love all the great books!

"I'm so happy for you guys!! I had a 4 month NICU Experience and I know how impactful those books will be to families.  I know Rook is proud of what his Mommy, Daddy, and siblings are doing to help others."

"I love this so much!  Thank you for your vision, organization, and blessing to so many people.

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