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JLH Grant
Video Submission

Welcome to our landing page made specifically for you! We hope you take a look around and strongly consider our applications for building a better community for all our children and families!

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Our Family & Purpose

We are Thomas and Shecara Reives, owners and operators of both Rook's Book's Publishing, LLC and Rook's Resources, Inc.  Parents of 5 children - Rook William, Carmine Acie, Reaux Lee, Tatum Isabella, and on April 4, 2023, we welcomed our fifth child, Kourtland Bass to the fold.  We are literally a "Mom & Pop" business with a passion for helping others and seeing all children represented in a positive light.

Non Profit
For Profit


For-Profit  Video Submission: April 08, 2023

Non-Profit  Video Submission: April 06, 2023

When you are done, take a moment to browse our entire website.  Rook's Books Publishing, LLC and Rook's Resources, Inc. are closely connected, and we hope to partner to bring our vision to life on a larger scale.

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We hope to continue to spread hope and love to the broader community, independent of the outcome.  But as a recipient of the JLH Grant, we would do so knowing that we have the support of others who have made it their mission to do the same.  To the program recipients, if there is advocacy and knowledge that we can share to them to help inspire better outcomes for their families and businesses, we would do that, too.

We have had the opportunity to become immensely impactful in the community.  Shecara is now able to help focus on this organization full-time (well, with 4 kids at home, too).  


Thank you for taking the time to review our application.

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